Mega Tax Preparation Chain vs. a Fully Trained Accountant CPA

Mega Tax Preparation Chain vs. a Fully Trained Accountant CPA

Late January of every year marks the official opening of tax season as people begin receiving their W2s, 1099s, and other related income documents for reporting their taxes. Major tax preparation chains have already gone into action to draw people into their offices in and around Concord, NC,  to get their taxes done and a rapid refund. These chains put their tax preparers through training and testing before they’re allowed to work with clients, but the training simply can’t compare to what a Charlotte, NC business accountant has gone through to get her CPA.

Tax Preparer Vs. Accountant

Most tax preparation offices in the chains have employees with a range of experience. Some preparers are capable of handling complex returns while others are only allowed to handle straightforward tax returns that have little to no complexities. However, these employees are seasonal and tend to work in other fields throughout the rest of the year. They’re only as good as their training and that training doesn’t cover advanced situations that business owners face.

A CPA has gone through schooling, received a degree, and is certified to practice as an accountant and has obtained the necessary licenses to handle sensitive financial information. The Charlotte, NC business accountant has the training and experience to understand complex tax issues that a business faces no matter if they’re a sole proprietor or corporation with employees. And she works at her position year-round, maintains continuing education requirements, and stays on top of changes in tax law to provide the best possible service for her clients.

A CPA Never Closes Their Doors for the Season

As previously mentioned, tax preparation chains are only open for a short time during the year. Their doors are closed as soon as their business hours are finished on April 15th. Chains do keep offices open in a given area, but only for limited hours, and they’re not always easy to reach. Someone who filed an extension has to find an opportunity to get to an office that’s open during a small window of time. While a chain won’t abandon a client that they’ve done tax preparation with, they don’t go out of their way to help them, either.

A CPA is available year-round and during normal business hours. She’s always there to pick up the phone, return an email, and inform clients of situations as they arise. If the IRS sends a letter, a client can contact the CPA to talk to her about the contents of the letter. And if there’s a question about a problem, or there’s a change that needs to be made, she’s in the office and ready to do the work regardless of the time of year.

You Always Know Who You’re Working With

Mega tax preparation chains rely on a large, seasonal workforce to get the work done. What they don’t do is reach out to employees who worked the previous season and rely on the employees to apply again for the following year. There simply is no effort made to bring people back year after year to take care of clients. It tells clients that the company doesn’t care enough about them to give them the same tax preparer year after year. Some clients aren’t bothered by this, but many prefer to work with the same tax preparer for reasons of trust and comfort.

The single-CPA office in Concord, NC, gives clients the peace of mind of knowing who they’re working with at any given time. She’s ready and able to take on the work, discuss the issues with a client, explain how things are done and why, and makes sure to provide the best possible service. Clients know they can trust her because she’s put her name on the door and stands behind her work no matter what.

Mega tax preparation chains may offer fast refunds and a menu of services, but they simply cannot compete with a single-person CPA office who’s open year round, has quality training and education, and know-how when it comes to dealing with complex tax returns.